Agronomic and genetic improvement of Camelina for sustainable poultry feeding and healthy food products

The Argent project aims to promote a new multipurpose oil crop, Camelina, as valuable source for animal feeding. The actual shortage in the domestic production of vegetable proteins and oils for food/feed applications is leading Europe toward a dramatic crisis in relation to the strict dependence on import. From the agronomic point of view, camelina is characterized by low agricultural input requirements, resistance to common pests & diseases, and tolerance to different abiotic stresses. The wide environmental adaptability confers an enormous advantage to camelina, over other emerging oilseed crops, for the inclusion into traditional cropping systems, primarily based on cereals. All this, together with the increasing need of European farmers for crop diversification, paves the way to the introduction of the new multipurpose oil crop, Camelina, sourcing valuable feedstock for animal feeding.