The MAGIC project

MAGIC is a comprehensive project that aims to help farmers to decide which industrial crops are suitable for the respective marginal location. Therefore, researchers in the project have thoroughly investigated all relevant issues for the right way of cultivation. Starting with the mapping of marginal land, the selection of suitable crops, investigating the breeding conditions of the crops and the development of cultivation and harvesting methods and machinery for these special requirements. In addition, information on conversion technologies for various biomass crops was collected and integrated into the B2Match tool. Further, based on sustainability assessments recommendations for policymakers for growing industrial crops on marginal land were given, since certain political framework conditions are necessary for this new form of agricultural production. All MAGIC data-sets can be investigated below on this website.

MAGIC databases:


The MAGIC MAPS application characterises and analyses current and future marginal land in Europe facing natural constraints.



The MAGIC-CROPS database provides a description of 37 industrial crops suitable for growing on marginal land in Europe.



The MAGIC decision Support System (DSS) provides users with guidelines for industrial crops growing under marginal conditions in Europe.


Bio2Match Tool

The Bio2Match tool collects information on conversion technologies for various biomass crops growing on marginal land in Europe.

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User Guide Bio2Match tool

Bio2Match tool guides the user to the optimal match between biomass resources and conversion technologies. The conversion technologies have specific requirements for the biomass input while biomass varies widely in composition and characteristics. The tool uses 2 databases to find an optimal match for each biomass and technology.

Latest news

Free webinar (recorded): Non-Food Crops for European Marginal Areas (English)

with Dr. Efthymia Alexopoulou from CRES (Center for Renewable Energy Sources and savings) and Dr. Berien Elbersen, Senior researcher for land use and integrated environmental assessment from Wageningen University & Research


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Sustainable industrial crops in Europe: new market opportunities and business models which do not replace food production

How can industrial crops contribute to new market opportunities, business models and sustainable farming systems which create value for farmers in the EU, while not replacing food production? A new focus group has been founded and consists of many experts of the H2020 project MAGIC and PANACEA. Their tasks include collecting practical and inspiring examples and good practices in growing industrial crops in Europe, while not replacing food production.


  • Collect practical and inspiring examples and good practices in growing industrial crops in Europe while not replacing food production.
  • Identify existing value chains of bio-based materials where farmers have the potential to play a substantial role, through long-term agreements or direct participation, while considering different bio-climatic conditions, agro-ecosystems and forms of cooperation along the chain.
  • Discuss strengths and weaknesses of the identified value chains, notably with regard to the diversification of farmers’ incomes and the environmental performance of the holding and of the whole value chain.
  • Suggest innovative business models to foster integrated links between production/business/applied research.
  • Identify further research needs from practice and possible gaps in technical knowledge. Suggest innovative solutions and provide ideas for EIP-AGRI Operational Groups and other innovative projects.