Invitation to submit your paper on perennial Grasses!

Agriculture is facing a wide range of challenges due mainly to climate change, rapid population growth and dietary habits, and emerging markets. In this context, the concept of multifunctional agriculture has emerged, as integrative strategies to increase the overall productivity of cropping systems. Perennial grasses (Poaceae or Gramineae family) have been identified as the most resilient crops to various abiotic stresses and the candidate feedstock for a number of different end-use applications. You also do research in the field of the specific topic of perennial grasses for biomass and non-energy applications? You would like to submit your paper? Feel free to contact us and publish your papers on the journal Agriculture MDPI!

Deadline: 30th of June 2019
Adress: [email protected]


SEEMLA Final Event and Joint ADVANCEFUEL-SEEMLA Workshop 20-21 November, Brussels


ADVANCEFUEL and SEEMLA (both projects funded by EU Horizon 2020) will hold a joint workshop, contributing to the ADVANCEFUEL project’s understanding of barriers regarding biomass supply. The event will scrutinise innovative cropping schemes, explore the challenges and opportunities of different supply and value chains, and compare potential business models of feedstock provisioning. The workshop will be co-ordinated by the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB), and will include keynote presentations from European projects working in the fields of innovative cropping schemes on marginal land (FORBIO, MAGIC, BECOOL, LIBBIO) as well as value chains and business models (UP-RUNNING, GRACE). The workshop will mix presentations from the projects with interactive discussion sessions that will involve all attendees to shape ADVANCEFUEL’s final recommendations.

Date: 20th and 21st November 2018
Place: Bruxelles

GET READY! For the fall meeting of advanced earth and space science! 10-14 of December


As the largest Earth and space science gathering in the world, the Fall Meeting places you in the center of a global community of scientists drawn from myriad fields of study whose work protects the health and welfare of people worldwide, spurs innovation, and informs decisions that are critical to the sustainability of the Earth.

Date: 10-14th December, 2018
Location: International Center of science and policy, Washington D.C.