Bioeconomy Pathways: Innovation Development and Governance

Despite wide agreement on the future significance of the bioeconomy, there is less agreement on the pathways to be taken and tensions have arisen especially between conservation-oriented vs. commercially-oriented systems, pathways and landscapes. In this seminar we discuss bioeconomy pathways in quite broad terms across different world regions, scales and sectors, emphasising the key role of innovation, the important development linkages that should be emphasised and the governance requirements.

Date: 13 June 2019, 9:00-11:45 h 
Venue: KSLA, Drottninggatan 95B, Stockholm 

Bioeconomy Business Development & Innovation

What are typical barriers in developing products for the new bioeconomy? What support does your company need in the development process? Come and get inspired by interesting presenters and case studies. This conference is part of the Interreg project Biomass-based Innovation and Green Growth (BioBIGG). The BioBIGG project seeks to strengthen the SME innovation capacity by the means of cross-border knowledge transfer, advisory activities and preparation of pilot projects and investments in the new bioeconomy.

Date: 18 June 2019
Venue: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Crafoordsalen, Sundsvägen 14, Alnarp
The conference is free of charge. Cost for accommodation are not covert

Invitation to submit your paper on perennial Grasses!

Agriculture is facing a wide range of challenges due mainly to climate change, rapid population growth and dietary habits, and emerging markets. In this context, the concept of multifunctional agriculture has emerged, as integrative strategies to increase the overall productivity of cropping systems. Perennial grasses (Poaceae or Gramineae family) have been identified as the most resilient crops to various abiotic stresses and the candidate feedstock for a number of different end-use applications. You also do research in the field of the specific topic of perennial grasses for biomass and non-energy applications? You would like to submit your paper? Feel free to contact us and publish your papers on the journal Agriculture MDPI!

Deadline: 30th of June 2019
Adress: [email protected]